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 MilkDrop 2
 for Winamp (2007)
 Nvidia demo (2007)
 screensaver (2006)

 for the Xbox 360 (2007)
 Fractal renderer (2012)
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 (1998-2008) ...now in HD!
 psychedelic motion wallpaper (2000)
 for Winamp (2002)
 for Winamp (2002)
 Generating Complex Procedural Terrains Using the GPU at interactive speeds
GPU Gems 3 (2007)
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    My 3D Fractals - some beautiful wallpapers here!
    Graphics & Programming - articles, code snippets, etc.
    Zephyr Backup - scripted backup to USB hard drives
    Gamelan Simulator - learn Indonesian gamelan music

    Reduce Your Impact - how to be an eco-samurai.
    The Story of Stuff - an eye-opening movie short.

    About Mr. Geiss

What's New:

    - Apr 23, 2023: The source code for Geiss is now on GitHub, where v4.30 has been released, which now builds on modern compilers. A huge thanks goes out to Sebastian Pipping who put in a lot of effort to make this happen.
    - Dec 16, 2022: I've made the source code for Geiss 4.29 available! You can grab the source, and/or read an overview of how the algorithm worked, from the Geiss homepage.
    - Jan 3, 2021: Happy New Year! Over the holidays I invested a huge amount of time picking my personal favorite MilkDrop presets from the awesome NestDrop cream of the crop preset pack, and integrating them into my favorite presets pack. You can grab the resulting preset pack here. I also uploaded a few particularly fun video captures of a few amazing new presets:

    - May 23, 2020:   I recently spent some time refining and rating my favorite MilkDrop presets. If you'd like to try them out, you can grab them here. Happy quarantining!
    - Oct 22, 2014:   I've released Gpucaster (including source) - now you can make your own awesome 3D fractal renders!
    - Dec 2, 2013:   Winamp.com might disappear on Dec. 20th (if Microsoft doesn't buy it), but fear not - you'll always be able to grab a copy of the final version (including MilkDrop 2) here, from the MilkDrop page.   To commemorate this sad day, I've put together a final canon of my favorite presets - the ones I would have included if I still worked at Nullsoft.
    - May 15, 2013:   It's official: MilkDrop 2 has been open-sourced!
    - April 4, 2012:   We've just announced Project Glass, an amazing new device we're building here at Google[x], and the reason I've been so busy.
    - Nov 4, 2010:   Kinect launches today!
    - Oct 18, 2010:   I start today at Google!
    - Aug 10, 2008:   The original Geiss plug-in / screensaver now runs in HD !