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 MilkDrop 2
 for Winamp (2007)
 Nvidia demo (2007)
 screensaver (2006)

 for the Xbox 360 (2007)
 Fractal renderer (2012)
 image viewer (2008)
 (1998-2008) ...now in HD!
 psychedelic motion wallpaper (2000)
 for Winamp (2002)
 for Winamp (2002)
 Generating Complex Procedural Terrains Using the GPU at interactive speeds
GPU Gems 3 (2007)
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    Graphics & Music-Visualization announcements

Other Stuff
    My 3D Fractals - some beautiful wallpapers here!
    Graphics & Programming - articles, code snippets, etc.
    Zephyr Backup - scripted backup to USB hard drives
    Gamelan Simulator - learn Indonesian gamelan music

    Reduce Your Impact - how to be an eco-samurai.
    The Story of Stuff - an eye-opening movie short.

    About Mr. Geiss

What's New:

    - May 23, 2020: I recently spent some time refining and rating my favorite MilkDrop presets. If you'd like to try them out, you can grab them here. Happy quarantining!
    - Oct 22, 2014:   I've released Gpucaster (including source) - now you can make your own awesome 3D fractal renders!
    - Dec 2, 2013:   Winamp.com might disappear on Dec. 20th (if Microsoft doesn't buy it), but fear not - you'll always be able to grab a copy of the final version (including MilkDrop 2) here, from the MilkDrop page.   To commemorate this sad day, I've put together a final canon of my favorite presets - the ones I would have included if I still worked at Nullsoft.
    - May 15, 2013:   It's official: MilkDrop 2 has been open-sourced!
    - April 4, 2012:   We've just announced Project Glass, an amazing new device we're building here at Google[x], and the reason I've been so busy.
    - Nov 4, 2010:   Kinect launches today!
    - Oct 18, 2010:   I start today at Google!
    - Aug 10, 2008:   The original Geiss plug-in / screensaver now runs in HD !