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GEISS (rhymes with nice) is audio-driven eye candy for your computer. It comes as both a Windows Screensaver and as a music visualization plug-in for the Winamp music player. It takes you on a surreal, visual journey through the sonic landscape of your music. The sound can be from an audio CD or a live source (for the screensaver), or from an MP3 file or live source (if using the Winamp plugin - see instructions below for live sourcing).

Geiss is one of the premier music visualization plug-ins, with over 4.6 million downloads from alone.

The source code for Geiss is now available on GitHub!
You can access the repository here.
v4.30 has been released, which now builds on modern compilers.
A huge thanks goes out to Sebastian Pipping who put in a lot of effort to make this happen.
The source code for Geiss 4.29 is now available!
You can download it here:
Geiss 4.29 source code
This source was last compiled using Microsoft Visual Studio 8.0.
Warning: I wrote most of this code in 1998; it's messy. Yikes.
Please rest assured that I write much cleaner code today.
Click here for a brief overview of how the algorithm worked.

The latest version of Geiss is 4.29, released June 20, 2009.
-- now supporting crispy high resolutions! --

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New features in version 4.28

Geiss is back and more beautiful than ever, in glistening new HIGH RESOLUTIONS -- and with support for Multiple Monitors!

Previously, the resolution was limited to 800x600; now, both plugin and screensaver support unlimited resolutions. Also, because CPUs are so much faster these days, they've been revamped a little bit to look correct at framerates above 30 frames per second. Many users should now see framerates of 60 fps, even running at HD resolutions.

Using Geiss for live events

You can drive any Winamp plug-in via a live (external) audio source - just hit CTRL+L (open location) and type in "linein://" (minus the quotes). Whatever is coming into your computer (via line-in, microphone, etc.) will show up in the visualizer. If it doesn't seem to be working, hit Windows+R and type in "sndvol32 /r" (minus the quotes), to configure your system's audio capture, and make sure the proper sound input device is turned on and the volume is in the 50-80% range.

You can use Geiss freely for events of any kind.


If the newest version is not working for you, try the archives:
     [Geiss 4.28 plugin]
     [Geiss 4.28 screensaver]
     [Geiss 4.27 plugin]
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     [Geiss 4.24 plugin] (self-installing)
     [Geiss 4.24 screensaver]
     [Geiss 4.01 plugin]
     [Geiss 4.01 screensaver]
     [Geiss 3.61 plugin]
     [Geiss 3.61 screensaver]
     [GEISS.INI] - a sample .INI file that has preset numbers 75-99 filled in with nicely-tweaked presets. Put this in your WINDOWS directory (for both the plugin and screensaver). Invoke the presets with the LEFT bracket key '[', followed by the two-digit code (e.g. '['-7-5 or '['-9-9). Don't forget - you can always save whatever you're seeing by pressing the RIGHT bracket, then the two digit code of the preset slot you want to overwrite (from 00 to 99)!


Click here to see some screenshots.
System Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista, DirectX 3.0 or later, and a 200 MHz or faster processor. You can also run Geiss on Linux, using Wine.

To use the plugin, you must have Winamp... if you don't already use Winamp, just download the screensaver version of Geiss.

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