Setup instructions for the Geiss screensaver

  1. Check that your system meets all the requirements. These are:
    • You're running on Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista.
    • Highly recommended: a sound card and speakers.
    • Also highly recommended: a cd-audio cable, which physically connects your cd-rom drive to your sound card.

  2. If you haven't already done so, download the zipped screensaver ( from the main page.

  3. Extract the contents of the ZIP file to your windows directory. This is almost always C:\WINDOWS, although it could also be C:\WIN98 or C:\WINNT.

  4. It's now a good idea to make sure that your computer is ready for "sound capture." Go to the start menu, then RUN, then type "sndvol32 /r" and press enter. This will launch your volume control. Now, make sure all the sound input channels (such as CD Audio, Line-In, Microphone, etc.) are checked (SELECTED), that the Mute boxes are UN-checked, and that the volumes are from 50% to 80%. Once you've got it set the way you want it, close the volume control panel by clicking the 'X' in the top right, and your sound capture is ready to go!

  5. Now go to the start menu, go to "Settings", and go to "Control Panel." Double-click the "Display" icon.

  6. Now click the "screensavers" tab. There should be a small box with a down-arrow next to it. Click the arrow and a dropdown box appears. Scroll the list to "Geiss" and click on it to select it. IF GEISS DID NOT SHOW UP, try moving GEISS.SCR from your "windows" directory into your "windows\system" directory, then try this again. And if that fails, you could also try moving it into "windows\system32".

  7. Click "Settings". Read the disclaimer and click "I AGREE." Then click OK to exit the configuration panel.

  8. To see what it will look like, click "Preview." You're set to go.

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