These guys were made in Imagine. I have about a zillion animations - this used
to be my #1 hobby, but programming has taken over in the last two years.

All animations and stills copyright (c) 1993+ Ryan M. Geiss.

Some of the actual animations are not available right now, since I'm a cheapskate and am only paying for limited web space. Sorry!

MODEL.AVI - 14.2MB (sound) - 5/97

This is an animation of the assembly of a little robot named Iblisito, made of an
erector set, Handyboard, and battery pack. David Sheffield, Julia McNeil, Ty
Pimputkar and I actually designed and built this robot for a robot competition
during Spring quarter, 1997, at OSU (our freshman year). The robots had to be
autonomous; you write the program, knowing the layout of the course, and the
robot has to go through it (at the same time as another robot) using only its
sensors and its instructions. We ended up getting 2nd place out of 14.
I made this animation for our final presentation; it took about 10 hours to put together, and another 5 hours or so to tweak it so it looked good.

VOLC.AVI - 12.3MB - 12/97

This one was made in Imagine. I modelled the volcano landscape by using
magnetism on a plane, and intersected it with a cylinder to hollow out
the center. The smoke is two transparent, warped cylinders with partially
transparent and vertically stretched textures. The ground has about 12
textures piled up on it. The high points of this one are the realism of
the landscape and the smoothness of the flyby.